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Cutting the Cord in 2022 -- Tell Me How


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Get a firestick. Get cinema HD app. Then you have hbo, netflix, prime, disney, hulu, and literally every other channel and streaming service in existence. You also have all the movies that are still in the theaters. Use a vpn.
Only thing you dont get is live sports. So you use the web browser on the firestick to go to sportsurge.net. Now you have every sporting event.

Zero dollars per month. (Actually like 10 per month for the vpn, though some vpn are free so it really could be zero per month)

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Just ordered a fire stick.

I'll report back with my experience using that with Cinema HD. I kind of feel like we're back in the Napster days again with these streaming sites. Truth be told, once the industry figures out how to serve the customers properly I'll be perfectly happy paying a reasonable amount for convenience, reliability, quality and choice. I'm looking at either paying the cable company that I absolutely hate hundreds of dollars a month and getting jerked around on my rate or signing up for half a dozen different services and saving like $60 a month.