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Draft Cole Aldrich.....

More skilled Joel Przybilla with less size. If the Jazz could re-sign Boozer, I'd have little issue with drafting Aldrich.
Actually, I don't think Aldrich had all that bad a body fat percentage. Maybe I am remembering incorrectly. It was his speed and athleticism, or lack thereof, that puts me off wanting to draft him.
Um, it's not that hard to look up. Aldrich measured out at 8.5% fat.

I didn't think the OP deserved the little time it took to find it. :)


And I try to avoid making a big deal of highlight videos. The one 1-Jazzfan provided really showed Aldrich well. It does make me feel a little better if the Jazz decide to go that route, although his jump shot form looks ridiculous to me.
Aldrich would be a good pick at 9 if Monroe and Udoh are both gone, but other than that I dont want him. I think he is being underrated by most due to the fact he is white.
I like Udoh better than Aldrich. I still think I like Monroe better than Aldrich. I'm not sure I like any other big that may be available at 9. I don't think ANY of them helps the Jazz beat the lakers next year, not even Favors or Cousins helps with that.