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Extend Malik Beasley

Coach Ellis

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Some crazy stuff. I hope he's all good now.
I’ve liked him in his limited time here. With such a favorable contract, I could easily see the Jazz keep him and pick up his option, trade him to a team that needs a sniper off the bench or extend him on a reasonable deal for beyond what they have him for at the moment.


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Gobert is averaging 13.5pt 12rebs 1 assts 1.4blks

JV 7.8pts 8.3rebs 2.9assts
Beasley 14.5pts 4rebs 1.3assts
Kessler 5pts 5rebs .8 assts 1.5blks

I still can’t believe how well we did from that trade , plus the picks and rookie who really haven’t used yet

Beasley is a guy you just pay , I dunno how many games his shooting from deep has got us out of big holes … who else out there shoots like him ?

In a recent article he stated how much he loves living in Utah , and hasn’t been in a team that players actually love being around each other .