Exum upset after being fouled by Oni in practice


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I agree that kind of situations are not a big deal in general. But I think it's a bit different for Dante. He is clearly frustrated and traumatised from all that injuries. He must be scared of getting hurt again. Long way before he regains the confidence in his body.

I look at it pretty much like this. After so many injuries, he may be waaaay more concerned about hard clashes (that are usual at any contact sports) than anyone else on the team. He's problably very much in need of some injury free sequence for his own mind.


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Why is this even report worthy?

Stuff like this happens often I bet. MJ punched kerr in the face...
Don't you understand? Doesn't anyone understand? The dude is literally made if balsa wood, spun glass, and chewing gum. The slightest breeze could end his season. We have too much invested in this guy... He simply has TOO. MUCH. POTENTIAL.

I'm surprised they haven't preemptively sat him out for the season. He is too valuable a commodity to allow him to actually, you knew, be around other people.


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Exum can blow by defensive coverages like Jeff Green did on Friday. He should have some nice moments this year.


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Exum is out for tomorrow's game. It's encouraging that he's doing 4-hour workouts and 2-on-2 though. Exum and Oni are going to be competing for minutes at the wing.

He's for sure out? I was hoping him and Mudiay can get 2 preseason games in before the start of the real thing.