Salary aside....Favors or Randle?

  • Favors

    Votes: 44 86.3%
  • Randle

    Votes: 7 13.7%

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Randle's an open court guy who does better on a fast pace team.

Not sure how good he'd be in Utah.


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From the few games I have seen lately Randle looks better on defense, not necessarily good, but better which would give me hope if he were here. But I still voted Favors considering the success we are having right now, and the sample size just keeps getting bigger and bigger that it actually is working with him here.


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This is not even a question. Favors. Favs is an amazing player people. I realize Rudy takes the shine, and we’re all in love with Donovan but man Favs has been amazing for us this year and is an incredible athlete when healthy.


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No he's not.
In the 33 games he came off the bench to start the season, he shot 26% from 3 point land. In the 44 games since he’s been a starter, he’s shot 19% from behind the arc.

Overall, he’s at 23% for the year. I like Randle, but I like Favors more.


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randle is a pretty damn good on ball defender, but I heard his PnR defense and rotations are pretty abysmal.

can confirm?