Game Thread Feb 07, 2021 11:00AM MT: Jazz at Pacers

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I’ve always liked McDermott. Think he’d be great in Niang’s role. I remember thinking we’d blow the draft by taking him, but then the more I looked at it the more I decided I wanted him. Anyhow, since the draft he’s played 434 games. Exum has played 245.

I was thinking the same thing watching this game, he would be a great fit on this team and absolutely perfect in Niang's role.

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Big win. No conley, physical grind it out win. And remember how Shaq asked Mitchell to do more than score? Honestly one of the top wins of the entire season so far.


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We crushed those clowns on the boards.

It was weird seeing McDermott with 18 points without hitting a three.


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Echoing the sentiment that this is the most impressive win of the season. Also bear in mind that the Jazz annually have a tough time with the Pacers. This would’ve been a good win with more rest and with Conley.