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Ah there’s another bogey. The thanks for the correction
Bojan Bogdanovic, former Jazz and current Pistons member, is croatian.

Bogdan Bogdanovic plays for Atlanta, and is a serb.

They are not related to each other.
Yeah I watched that game and he played fine but a bit rusty. Lithuania was collapsing their entire defense when Lauri drove with the ball in the 2nd half.

The Good:
  • Whenever he had good balance, he shot well. Also perfect from free throw line.
  • He tried to use his gravity to make plays for others more than before
  • His cutting was sharp especially when cutting behind the defense. Lithiania had to foul him a lot.
  • He attempted few clever entry passes which he normally doesnt do, which caught his teammates by surprise and they fumbled them
The Bad and The Ugly:
  • He had to take some awful shots. Finland went to him on many late clock shots and Lithuania always doubled him immediately.
  • Especially in the second half Lithuania collapsed their entire defense and had 3-4 guys in the lane when he drove in. He had good open passing targets but was constantly late with the kickouts.
I miss the curls, but he still looks mighty fine.
I wish i looked as good with my hair long as he does with this cut. Thankfully It should grow again (only to be cut again later if there'll still more service to do after this summer).
I'll be watching

Edit: apparently 15 minutes late. Thanks, soccer.
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Kessler is the best big on the team yet he can't get off the bench. Steve Kerr is the worst. Booooooo.
They are looking better as the game goes on.
He may be a situational defender, a guy they bring in if they need a bigger body.
Basically a "break in case of emergency" if JJJ gets in foul trouble and you're playing a team with a legit big that Bobby Portis cant handle.

Given that Jokic isnt playing, that probably isnt going to happen.