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Following potential 2013 draftees

Dr. Jones

In pursuit of #9
............ and so it begins.

Barring any trades and any MAJOR tanking by the GST's, we should have 2 lottery picks (or just outside), plus our 2nd.

I believe many have surmised that 2013 will be weak because of how deep 2012 was .. not necessarily correct. This could have very well lended itself to why KOC didn't break the bank on 2012 .. knowing we'd have two good picks in '13.

There are so many prospects to break down, not to mention the countless number that will emerge over the next 8/9 months .. so where to start? Let's talk PG's;

- Myck Kabongo (I called this one a year ago .. not ready. He needs to get dialed in to playing under control or he's worthless)
- C.J. McCollum (not sold, though he's rated #1 per DX)
- Ryan Harrow (UK kid. Strong handles, crafty, athletic, explosive .. skinny)
- Michael Carter-Williams (not sold he's a PG)
- Phil Pressey (a lot of people love this kid, I haven't seen it)

There's a few more, but that's enough to get things started .. all-in-all a very, very weak PG draft crop.

Welcome to the next draft .. and for all of those haters that think this thread was too early .. I agree .. but **** you anyway.

Saltair's Finest

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kabongo and harrow are electric but lets see If they get Stronger because i dunno if they can Hang in the league yet but Ill be watching those two Because i think we need a pg pretty bad. i Also like the kid BJ Young on arkansas I got to see him when he played against my cousin in AAU a couple summers Ago and he was dirrrrty But then other Guys who I like who arent pgs are Bennett, Nash on okie state

My dad is a Hoosier grad and He loves the Big 10 and said the Dude Aaron Craft will be a good Pro but I watched the big dance with him and I like his game kinda but I liked Lenzelle Smith better.