Following Potential 2020 draftees

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***Originally I posted Chol Marial a 7'2" C with an 8-foot wingspan back in the summer of 2015. He is still on track to go pretty high on the draft, but not #1 so I'm editing this.

Now I'd have to say James Wiseman is the most likely #1 pick if he is indeed a true 7', which seems likely, followed by the freakish Charles Bassey and then the top-guard Bryan Antoine who is very sharp on the bounce and with the shot and with the acrobatics around the rim, and will straight jam it on your head...

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Unreal. I wonder if his age is accurately documented. If he is really only 15 or 16 the chances are very good that he will continue to grow for a couple more years. He's unstoppable.


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Lol. Love the reaction of the boy at the end of the video. Like its completely unfair
Those kids are way too freaking nice. I'd foul out half my team beating up on a tall skinny kid like that. My kids are 6th graders, but they thrive on contact. Those kids he was going against didn't even try to defend him half the time.

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Not sure you want him to grow anymore.

This. He probably would've been better off being under 7feet at this age. If it's true that he's only 15. He has potential to be 7.6-7.7. That will limit how long he can play in the league due to injury and just carrying a body that long. It also looks like he enjoys playing on the perimeter he can get away with that at 7feet but any bigger and he will be relegated to the post on offense and defense

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pardon me for asking, but the math is too advanced for my brain - - how old are these young men right now?


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was recently reading an online article about the power that AAU coaches now have - - I'll try to find it and include a link

found it:

and I thought this was interesting
College basketball recruiting is all about the bottom line. It's pretty simple -- get players and win games. However, embracing the process and succeeding as a recruiter in today's environment can be anything but simple.

AAU basketball has taken off over the last five-to-six years with select major shoe companies dominating the landscape. High school basketball season has basically become a second-fiddle league and is used for coaches to "follow up" on their targets from the summer circuit....


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Greg Anthony's son, Cole(6'2") is probably going to be a great player.. - wearing #120.

A friend of mine seemingly knows/has seen/(worked with?) all of the local prospects, and he hates on most of them (finds them to be average) even after they've garnered national attention. Cole Anthony is a player he seems to be sold on, and I see no reason to disagree.

Cole will now be playing with the phenom Scottie Lewis, posted above, on Team RIO in the AAU circuit. They figure to be quite the tandem.

Really I think you cant hate on 12 year olds? What is this friend of yours? They havent grow and cant even have all the skills ready. I think your friend might be a problem in libray and bathhouses!


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That 7'3" kid is ridiculously skilled/fluid for his size and age. Pretty unbelievable.

Poor guy - must be bored out of his mind playing against middle schoolers.

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Bruh I don't need ****. I'm good. Keep those limited/polluted thoughts to yourself. It's really not that serious, at-worst, I enjoy basketball like greedy people enjoy material possessions, or how religious nuts enjoy primitive superstitious drivel. Y'all try to hassle me for it too, like I'd be better off spending my time getting drunk and trying to avoid DUI's like millions of other Americans.. The ****s absurd... Send 100 more trolls to this thread, you'll see I remain unfazed.

George Carlin once said, “When you're born into this world, you're given a ticket to the freak show. When you're born in America your given a front row seat. And some of us get to sit there with a notebooks, and I'm a notebook guy” - No matter how much you want to hope I'm something else, that's all I am. (An outside observer, who's well aware there's nothing emotionally at stake)

I'm really not cheerleading for any specific outcome, I'm just tracking news from a subject that I've always enjoyed. Sure I have some seemingly trivial preferences, I might say I hope something happens, truthfully whatever happens, It's not going to affect me much either way.. I usually have to reduce myself to those to those cheerleading for outcome type of topics to entertain sports chatter these days, because that's what sports people like to do..

Nothing creepy about looking for tomorrows stars today. Look at whats really going in with sports recently, whens the last time you've seen a Fan-Duel or Draftkings ad?!?,gambling guised as "Premium Fantasy Sports games"... Everyones looking for the next big thing, that agenda's being pushed 100x more than it ever was, I'm not pushing that agenda, I'm just adjusting to it. All I'm doing is trying to stay ahead of the curve..Plus I genuinely enjoy watching basketball.

I've posted before that Basketball is one of the USA's great exports, been saying that to people since I was in highschool and I still stand-by it.

Plus you have no idea how I schedule my time either, I'm a hell of a multi-tasker, I joke with people who've seen me in action that in a past life I was one of these one man band dudes.

I literally queue up videos and articles in advance and glance at them when something else is busy, or on a short break between projects. I can peruse thru all of my sources on this subject and spot/queue updates, in under 1 minute.

I probably take less time watching these video's/reading the 1 page articles than your average smoker does taking cigarette breaks... .. . .. . . If i needed to make time to stay in the loop, I would, luckily I don't need to.

Always said I'm a basketball fan 365 days of the year.

I have definitely witnessed some terrible parenting(child beauty pageant type ****) in the years I've followed this, There's players who make it bigtime, there's also many more on the other end of the spectrum, I followed those stories too. a younger me would cited a bunch of examples. I don't want to pile on speaking bad about players that didn't make it though, I'm not about that.

The best way I've found to keep up with this topic(and many others) is to try and stay ahead of the normal pace set.So I keep my ear to the ground when bigtime prospects show up in younger classes, I like to compare and contrast traits and finer nuances, **** like that, or this stuff wouldn't hold my attention if there wasn't great uncertainty involved.
Seems like you would be a great resource to a pro team, or maybe a college recruiting service. I love your passion on this subject and you apparently have the ability to hold and organize a ton of this sort of info in your brain.


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I just need help with the math. How old are these kids now? Maybe 13? Born in 2002 or so?

serious question, no momo!

Dr. Jones

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This is the land after the 2000's :p, there will be players born in the year 2000 in the draft before this one..

The current rules state that international players are eligible to declare for the draft in the year they turn 19. So foreign born players from 2001 would be eligible. Players born in 1998 would be automatically eligible for this draft, as ones born in 1993 were auto-eligible in the 2015 draft.

I'd venture to say these rules will be changed by the time this thread really gains some traction though.
Thought you might be interested in an event coming to Lexington.

Wenyen Gabriel will play in Lexington in December.

Ben Roberts has the details on the event that will feature Thon Maker, Rawle Alkins, DeAndre Ayton, Jarred Vanderbilt and 2018 star Marvin Bagley.

Should be a great two days.