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I think he’s saying that the draft is viewed as being weak and there’s a lot of teams trying to move picks and trade down or out of the 1st round as a result. Because there’s a lot of teams looking to get rid of picks (sellers) the Jazz should be looking to get value as a team looking to move up or into the 1st round (as a buyer).

At least, that’s how I’m reading it. I’m on board with that idea - especially because that’s EXACTLY how they traded up into the late 1st round in 2013 for Rudy Gobert. That was considered a weak draft, but it ended up with 4 stellar players being drafted outside the top 5. C. J. McCollum (10), Steven Adams (12), Giannis Antetokounmpo (15) and Rudy Gobert (27). There will be value in this draft somewhere.


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Tony Jones wrote an article in the athletic about Eric Paschall. Some interesting bits.

Paschall was among three sets of players who worked out for the team this past week, and he’s almost certainly a candidate that the Jazz will give a long look to when push comes to shove. He doesn’t project as a star. But he can certainly be one of those role players that almost all title contending outfits need in their organization.
And the Jazz see him as a culture fit, which is important for a small market team. Paschall is mature.
There could be a need for a mature rookie to come in and instantly fight for rotation minutes.
Two of the things the Jazz like about Paschall is his ability to shoot, and his functional athleticism. He’s got a stocky build, even for his height, but he’s very athletic both vertically and on the ground. He shot 34 percent from 3-point range as a junior, and upped that to 35 percent from three as a senior, so he’s an improving shooter and has done so with volume. His long arms help him defend beyond his listed height.
In his workout, the Jazz were also impressed with Terence Davis, a combination guard out of Mississippi.

Davis has been a riser up the draft boards and is considered a possible late first-round selection, despite him being a senior. He’s someone who is a terrific athlete and someone who has different ways to score. He’s a bit of a tweener for the Jazz. They like him a lot. But he’d be a bit down the list of players they like at No. 23, and they expect him to be off the draft board well before their second round pick at No. 53.

“He’s someone who is going to be able to play at the NBA level,” Perrin said. “He’s a good athlete and he has a chance to be a good defender.”
Other players of note this week include Daniel Gafford, an athletic center out of Arkansas. Gafford is someone who should merit first round consideration for his length and athleticism. He’s a good fit for today’s NBA, but projects as a backup center for the Jazz.

Jordan Bone, a point guard from Tennessee impressed with his athleticism, speed, ability to defend and ability to shoot the basketball. Luka Samanic is a skilled 6-foot-11 power forward from Croatia. He went against Gafford in Saturday’s workout.

In all likelihood, the Jazz will hold one more week of workouts, as they typically shut down the Sunday before the draft to analyze the prospects they are interested in and finalize their draft board. Also, trading their first round pick for a veteran remains a possibility.

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Nothing super interesting.

Says Utah, Boston, Atlanta, and OKC are teams that are looking to trade their picks.

Mike Schmidt took Bol Bol for Utah. (it's not a mock, just what they would do).
Cuz we have no roster spots after re-upping Favors and promoting Mitrou-Long and Cavanaugh. Expect ZAnik, Lindsey's new mouthpiece to say he likes the team, tried all he could to improve the roster, but the available FA's just want too much money. So he's selling both picks for a net $5M to "invest" in the future of the team.


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Dammit, I'm kind of falling for Carsen Edwards, even though my brain is telling me not to. I've seen him mocked mostly from the mid 20s to the late 30s, but I wouldn't be surprised if NBA teams are higher on him than the draft analysts. I could see him going late teens.


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I like how you declare what they care about more... I doubt they think they will be free agent players next year. The money would be a big deal... not just a preference item.
C'mon man. We predict all the time what we think teams want and need. We all do research, read up, etc.

As a TN resident, I get the impression that Memphis doesn't care about 2019-20 space all that much. They are going to undergo a long rebuild. They have their two franchise players in Morant and JJJ. They understand no good free agent wants to join right now and Parsons is an expiring.

I think they would love to dump all of Conley's 2019-20 money but it isn't a priority.

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Paschall is another one of these fairly safe picks. He should be a top-8 rotation player, and he should be versatile enough to keep Quin's system moving. He'll defend. He'll swing the ball. He'll make at least a minimum number of his shots. He can take some smaller guys in the paint. I see him as another glue guy, someone who can play 18 or 20 minutes and contribute on both ends. I'm not seeing him as an upside play. The Jazz need guys like that, and having a player on rookie-scale is a good thing, but in the bigger picture, the Jazz may need to be more aggressive in the draft. I'm looking for Zanick to make a signature move.

If we got Rudy at #27 and traded up from #24 to get Mitchell, we should be trying to catch lightening one more time.

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Paschall is a reach. I dont believe it. and I'll be underwhelmed if thats the pick. At this spot in the draft, where we've been quite a bit this decade,I always say the same thing, we will have oppotunity at lotto projected guys who fall, like rudy and rodney... and thats why u can't sell me on Paschall..

He is a good athlete, fairly skilled, competitive and has NBA frame. Turns 23 Nov 4th right at the start of the season though, and for that I dont like it.. 4 year rookie deal he'll be just about 27 going into his second deal.

Paschall = a swing for a double... not a home-run...

He has some lower leg injury history already too,, and he's a big dude at near 260lbs..
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I like Paschall but I have concerns about him too. I'm not sure that his outside shot translates. His mechanics are so wonky. His legs are all over the place when he shoots it. It's not a repeatable form. It's also a slow shot that takes him a while to load up. I have concerns about his lack of rebounding production. I also have concerns about him defensively. He was a solid college defender but his movement on film is a little rigid. And his body is so wide he's gonna get stuck on some screens.

I do like his bball iq a lot. And his ability to faceup, handle and drive.

Overall I see his upside being a rotation player. I'm with Catchall that we need to aim higher on the upside meter.