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gerald green wants back into NBA

why doesnt the jazz give him a chance if he can be cheap?

Gerald Green wants back into NBA
Posted by Inside Hoops Jul
Gerald Green can jump very high. And he wants to leap back into the NBA.

Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle reports:

Kenton Edelin, Green’s agent, said there has been interest from “a couple teams” but would not be specific. He said he has also spoken to several teams in Spain, believing that if Green does not get a shot in the NBA this season, the move to the strong Spanish league would be a bridge from the Russian league back to the NBA.

“Obviously, he wants to play for an NBA team this fall,” Edelin said. “Playing in one of the strong European markets would be a way, if not this year, the next year to get back.

“His priority is to play in the NBA this year. He’s just 24. He has plenty of time still to have a long, successful NBA career.”

But there was a time when Green first hit it big in Vegas, that all that seemed certain. He has not forgotten.

“I think of those things,” he said. “I just try to use that as motivation. I wouldn’t have believed you (if he had been told the path his career would take). It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish. “

Green is certainly young enough to not give up hope just yet.

I’d guess that we see him again soon, perhaps on a one-season deal, maybe partially or not guaranteed. And then he better rock.
I will only bring him back to do dunks during warm ups that involve blowing candles off a cupcakes. Besides that no. I dont want to sign him.
Can we just merge this with the Rashad McCants thread and post every out-of-the league-overhyped-lazy-former1st-round-bust-signing suggestion there?