Give Ersan favors’ minutes


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If five triples is the standard for Ersan then I'm all for playing him over Favors - cause you're going to need it to make up for the layup line Indiana had in the game with Ersan on the floor and the numbers Drummond put up (who otherwise has been ****ing horrible in LAL) on Saturday.


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Shouldn't we try Ersan at the 4 at some point in regular season?
I would like to see Conley, JC, Oni, Ersan and Rudy line up for a few streches.
I don’t think Ersan can defend most 4s as well as we’d hope. I think we might see that in a couple of matchups.

I think we are more likely to see an Ersan-Rudy combo than a Favs-Rudy combo, but not by a lot.

In short, I think Ersan is a best used as a 5.... and I hope Q agrees.


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Most people here are overrating Ersan’s defense.
I saw him get played off the floor in

Milwaukee... and that was 2-3 years ago.

He’s limited. Those limitations diminish if he’s at the 5.


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In every game I've seen so far that Favors was in, I've been pleased with his defense. He's being terribly underestimated here.
He's definitely had games where he was pretty stiff and had a hard time challenging shots. I think it's pretty clear his back bothers him from time to time. He does much much better when he has had some rest. He looked really spry in the Lakers game, because he had some rest. I hope with Ersan we can give favors maybe the same rest pattern as Conley up to the playoffs so he is fresh and ready then.


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Giving Faves rest and situations when we need shooters on the floor as a stretch-5 would be the best times for Ersan. I'd like to see what he can do now with some meaningful minutes. It's all about the match ups, I think.