Give Ersan favors’ minutes

The Jazz Wonderbra

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I like that we have both players. Favors has been extremely effective at times. Ersan will give us a bit of a different look when we need him.

Favors is clearly the man for now but when playoff matchup battles startup, I expect Ersan will be used a touch more.

My main thought is that the Ersan's and Oni's of our team should be getting minutes to rest starters moving towards next month. Managing players MINUTES as opposed to resting them for entire games.


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I’d rather have the guy who can be tough inside on defense and get us rebounds than a guy who will get hit from 3 occasionally. Hitting 3’s doesn’t matter as much when a team gets a boatload of second chance points every game.


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Lets not get carried away after one good game.

Although I think Favors needs to take rest games. He plays like an old man. A fresh Favors is good for all mankind.
At this point it is about the long game. Ersan won't replace Favors, and we may not win as many games with Ersan in the lineuo. I'd still play Favors to keep him in rhythm, but cut his minutes down and give him some nights off.

The bonus of having Ersan in rhythm for the playoffs if needed would be a big positive. He is still really crafty.