Gobert: ‘If I listened to projections, I’d be playing in France.'

Jack Strop

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I suggest they just show him where his statue is going to be. Show him an artist's rendering. And have the base complete by the time his contract expires.

Rudy is the best thing that's ever happened to the Jazz. Mitchell is going to be #2.
I'm not old enough to remember: did Stockton and Malone ever stick up for the franchise like Rudy has?

karl malone

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If he's truly committed to playing his entire career here (which I don't doubt) & willing to endure a semi-rebuild, the additional development time/acquired assets/improved draft position/etc makes the possibility of surrounding him with a championship caliber supporting cast much more feasible. Also, his leadership ability (along with Mitchell's) would be invaluable during the transition.


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Can you imagine if Utah went into full tank mode immediately after losing Haywood? I believe Rudy when he says he wants to stay in Utah, but we need to believe in him and give him a chance to prove he doesn't need Haywood to win.

Our defense is going to be better this year, and might just keep us in a lot of games we might not be in otherwise. Could look a lot like the second half of the Kanter trade year.

If Rudy believes, I believe! Go Jazz!!!


Rudy gonna be the recruiter the Jazz need. The leader every NBA dude loves when they not on the court against It. Gordon Hayward needed "to challenge himself" I guess that means trying to accumulate the most blocks Rudy gives one player. Challenge goin East lol ***** cat.