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Hayward to Boston

And another note, AT LEAST KANTER and PAUL GEORGE told their organizations they wanted out and got SOMETHING out of it. Dick move by Gordo
It was all a mise-en-scene, Hayward couldn't wait to reunite with Brad Stevens.

I just don't understand why DL didn't trade him on time!

This is what happen when you put on a pedestal a spoiled and selfish player!
It seem to me his mind was already made up and just wanted to finish 'Thank you Utah' article first. I sorta already knew, him hanging out with Isaiah Thomas during the All-Star weekend and IT following him on IG too. And making that 'peace' gesture he made after the playoff lost to the Warriors. All in all, I bid thy farewell to Gordo and don't want him back. Even after his contract is over with the Celtics. He'll never be among the best players in Celtic history of great players. Just another guy wanting to win the easiest of ways in a weak conference.
Otto Porter Jr. enroute for meeting with Utah. Denis Lindsay is a shrewd mf.
Bummer, good player, but it's not the end for Utah, if we could somehow pull off Porter it'd be huge. Think Boston may wind up disappointed in it's quest for a superstar that they wound up with Stevens old college stud.
I have a size XL Hayward jersey if someone wants it. Otherwise, throwing it in the trash.
Ever since he got that damn hairdo he has been a prima donna bitch.
And another note, AT LEAST KANTER and PAUL GEORGE told their organizations they wanted out and got SOMETHING out of it. Dick move by Gordo

Man you are stupid.

Hayward played thru his CONTRACT and gave the Jazz his best year ever in that final year.

He was a UFA and it was his call where to go, get over it.

PG and Enes are assholes as they forced moves and QUIT years before their CONTRACT was up.

If this fanbase rips Hayward you are all idiots
So having the time to now digest this, I think one of the main contributor to him leaving (I'd say at least 50% of the decision) comes down to the fact that the West has become loaded the last couple of weeks with Jimmy Butler and the Paul George and the Chris Paul sticking around.

I truly think he was still more or less on the fence before this, and has then used Brad Stevens as the 'excuse' for leaving. But in fact the strong West is pushing the decision.

That's my take on it anyhow.
So you're telling me him and Stevens have been planning to win a championship together since he was in college?

SMH the collusion in this league is out of control.
Yeah. He left. This actually happens in sports all the time. He's not a bad person. He's not a traitor. He's just a basketball player.

Time to move on. Jazz still have a franchise player. . . and guess what? It's not Gordon Hayward. Rudy Gobert is going to be on a mission from this moment to make this team his. I'm hella excited about guys that WANT to be in Utah like Gobert and Rubio and Mitchell and Joe Jesus and Jingles and Hood. Plus, there's no way that DL sits pat and does nothing.

This team will still be Quin's masterpiece. He's not going to throw in the towel. He's going to push his guys to get better, play harder, be meaner. I'm glad that he's going to be the leader moving forward.
Dude was so conflicted yet wrote a 2,000 word article in a few hours. Don't insult us.

GH knew he was gone months ago.

Enjoy your AS game berths and yearly disappointment to CLE. We might get wrecked, but we aren't turncoats.