Heads up - Quotes for victory over the Lakers will need to wait till Saturday

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    You must have a terrible sex life then.
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    Pathetic, most of us have lives, we don t hide that. JA you suck!! More abuse would follow but im too drunk.
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    Who is London

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    Lol, I'm guessing Lonzo
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    Thread is tiding me over nicely.
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    I always appreciate this thread and the efforts JA makes. Rather than complain I will add my favorites from Real GM and lakernation

    We miss Rondo as much as they miss Rubio. Missing LeBron is a fairly big handicap so I won’t read too much into the result of this game.

    I didn’t think I could see another way for Ball to shoot an air ball....

    How we gonna win when they got two teams against one? That striped team dominating the game tonight. I'm getting that jersey next.

    Is everyone in Utah white? It's unbelievable and this is coming from a white guy. [​IMG]
    Geez. You'd get more of a mixed crowd in Canada.

    Basketball is a lot more fun to watch when your team isn't bricking shots like a JV team.

    Thank God that crap game is over. Piss poor defense and hot garbage offense. 35% from the field, 18% from three, and 66% from the free throw line. Losing in typical Laker fashion against a shorthanded team. So damn frustrating.

    The only consistent here is Hart committing dumb fouls. Everything else are extremes. We win, everyone is great. We lose, trade everyone. Seems like we are a bipolar fan base. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    We missed an opportunity to gain some breathing room between us and Utah.

    Bye bye, blowout coming

    Lakers getting slapped in the face, I really don’t like Ingram, and I don’t care how kuzma is playing
    This would be considered a high point from Ingram and it’s mediocre lol
    When this is what you’d consider a good game from him that’s a problem

    See people saying that Mitchell has taken a step back. He missed some bunnies, some easy ones today. But his offense ALWAYS looks assuring. His scoring ability looks effortless and natural. Hard to say that about any other Laker not named LeBron or Kuzma.

    Fox, Mitchell, Tatum. Anyone not named Lonzo Ball. This dude just shows up whenever he wants to, it's really getting tiring. Mitchell might be a volume scorer, but he shows up each and every night on the offensive end. Ball is Elden Campbell

    "X" stellar NBA player, recognized by everyone in the basketball world, better than anyone on our team not named LeBron James goes off against the Lakers.... Last Stand 2.0: "This guy is nothing but a volume shooter." "He's fat and lazy" "I can name 2 other guys with slightly better stats and they're miles better than him"...You do this every game. No offense but you sound like a salty hater.

    jeff van gundy indirectly calling the officials snowflakes.. lmao
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    1st Half Quotes on Lakers from Reddit (Lakersground.net):

    Kuzma vs Mitchell, back2back 40 pt game, C’mon Kuz!!!

    Lakers win streak continues!

    They have a lot of injuries. I'm surprised Utah is favored by 8 points. I really hate playing at Utah. One interesting tidbit. This will the Lakers 3rd straight game in 3 different states. Texas ---> Cali ----> Utah

    I predict a loss here.

    We get most of our buckets in the paint, and they have Gobert manning the middle.

    Yeah but Detroit had Drummond and Dallas had Jordan. We won those games.

    Comparing Drummond and Jordan to Gobert is the equivalent to comparing Ginobli to Kawhi Leonard, neither are in the same stratosphere as Gobert on the defensive side of the ball. I really dont see this ending well, Gobert is really elite at defending the paint and we are so terrible at shooting, he will not concern himself with defending the perimeter.

    Ricky Rubio is the only NBA level player that is absent, this will be a tough game. Either we lose big or we win in the clutch

    I predict we win in the clutch!

    Have lonzo/BI start out on mitchell and well win easily. Let Hart guard mitchell start on mitchell and hell get going and its a toss up

    3 game W streak?

    Gobert looked like a superstar against the Lakers small ball centers. Now he's going to play against someone his own size. He'll do what he does, but he won't have a pg to feed him anything because all 3 of theirs are injured.

    I don't like games in Utah or Denver, but I feel pretty good about this one, even without Lebron and Rondo.

    Here we go!


    Ingram taking Ingles to school all night. Make Ingles work.

    Ingram's off ball defense is dumb.. Gave up 2 3's..

    Lmao we gettin lit up by some random.

    BI left that guy open twice at the same spot BRuH

    That BI ISO was ugly.

    have we gotten one easy shot?

    Mitchell is killing hart

    We about to get blown out

    nobody can guard Mitchell

    Damn Mitchell taking turns lighting up whoever is guarding him.

    Getting killed by Mitchell.

    Suffocating defense. They haven't allowed a single fastbreak points. Every points earned is thru half court set.

    BI for THREE!

    We need offense but Luke unfortunately is asleep at the wheel. Sad.

    KCP for THREE!

    HART for THREE!!

    What is it with Hart fouling a three point shooter all the time lol

    Serious question, have the Lakers gotten a FT yet?

    Ingram is 1-4 from the line, so that is affirmative. No one else has attempted a FT, however.

    LAKERS down by 6 after 1.

    41 and hype got to kuzma

    BI on pace for 48 points.

    Lonzo with 3 fouls. Such a smart player

    Damn these Jazz are well coached

    Jazz are doing what every team should be doing vs the Lakers, stop them getting freebies on fast breaks and let them try and beat you with that pathetic half court game.

    Looks like Mitchell decided to have an efficient night

    We've got a team full of morons

    o’neal nobody MVP

    It's as if the refs/league think there are more jazz fans watching worldwide than laker fans.
    Fuzzy math.

    This game exposes Luke so much. He'll be treated like Lue soon

    The Lakers weren’t going to win tonight... that is unrealistic. They need to beat Cleveland and Chicago to stay in the playoff hunt

    LOL watching this team without Lebron is borderline masochistic.

    Lonzo can't score.
    Everyone else is low IQ

    they’re defense is plunking the lakers

    josh is a dumb MF

    Luke’s half court offense will not beat this jazz team defense

    Kuzma with 1/1 after a 50 piece typical..

    has there ever been a game where Ingram, Kuz and Lonzo have all played good together?

    Everything is a (bleep) foul for the jazz

    McGee shooting 3s lol this team is painful to watch rn

    Bad BI is back.

    Gobert also took away all the alley oops. I don't think there's a dunk by McGee or TC yet.

    Keystone Kops are back.

    This has been torture

    Mitchel ain't no joke

    Game over by half time

    Ouch, that's game.

    Getting destroyed by the jazz.

    Ingles looks like he has seven kids. The youngest is 23


    LeBron deserves MVP for carrying this garbage

    This game is over

    Kuzma has gone full scrub and we need him to score

    Kuz getting blocked by Mitchell what a joke

    Kuzma is trash

    Lmao. Just pull the plug.

    Maybe JVG can go on another tangent about what a great job Luke has been doing.

    Lmfao. (bleep) u mitchell

    It's like this Jazz team is made to counter the Lakers. They literally stopped everything that the Lakers excel at: fastbreaks and lobs. I'd rather face GSW than the Jazz in the playoffs. Seriously.

    This team is only one passionate halftime speech away from a miraculous comeback victory.

    wow zero points in the last 7 minutes

    Freaking Gobert...

    I could see the Jazz getting owned by a good jumpshooting team like the Warriors. If they force you to make jumpshots and you can't make jumpshots, it's gonna be ugly.

    this game was decided hours ago.

    Looks like Donovan Mitchell got tired hearing all of the Kuz talk

    All Mitchell can do is score lol

    Our drop coverage is getting destroyed

    Damn, Snyder putting out the blueprint going forward to beat this Lakers team, even with LeBron.

    lakers making look 2nd yr Mitchell look like prime kobe.
    so dumb. why not double him han luke?

    The team is being pants on national tv.

    Disciplined teams will always destroy the Lakers planet fitness offense

    Utah Jazz are all smiles headed to the lockerroom.. this is so lame

    Our young core is overrated

    Thank goodness not every team has a Gobert. We're built to beat the Warriors so we're not built to beat a team like the Jazz.

    Lol @ built to beat the Warriors. Riiiiiight.

    Is a semi-watchable game too much to ask for after a long work week? mother (bleep)

    Kuz looks gassed from last game and it looks like DM was winning the ish talk with Kuz too

    The good news is they’re just down by 19.

    Hello Mrs Lincoln other than that how was the play?

    As much hate as Ingram gets he doesn't even touch the level of Horoawful Lonzo and Kuzma has been.

    Still 2 quarters left to play either Luke puts fire under their asses or it's over.

    But it's concerning looking at this game knowing that when playoffs come We'll probably get killed if we play halfcourt. Unless Lebron goes super omega.

    What the (bleep) is this halftime show? This human slinky creepy as (bleep).

    if the Lakers are gonna get blocked at the rim anyway, why not just take it straight into the chest of the opponent? Maybe draw a foul instead of going up with a soft layup. Ah forget it, they'll miss the free throws anyway.

    * * *

    And later that same evening: "Mitchell is just so much better than Lonzo, we blew that draft..."
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