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@D Will Texas your biggest mistake was making a thread about your bet and then it was compounded (with taxes, fees, service charges and penalties to boot) when that became the game thread.
Sorry bud. I have had bad beats of large amounts in my past which has cured me to bets no more than 100 bucks. I think the nba is rigged with betting. The jazz were probably bet hard because the raptors were on last road game and a back to back. So they sent the refs in to make sure it went the opposite making it a nightmare for all betting the jazz
I just don’t know anyone that can watch this team and think last night was a great gambling opportunity... so many reasons that was an absolute stay away... as soon as Norman Powell left the game I was like “**** now they are short handed enough to beat us”. This game is a repeat of a game we’ve seen a few times already this year.

They also have a stretch 5... Quin is 0-3 against Nurse prior to last year... they absolutely trounced ya in Toronto... they have Siakham who is another type of guy we struggle to matchup with... don’t want to rub it in... just think the process behind that bet was off if you’ve watched this team all year. Only thing we really had was rest advantage and we’ve not taken advantage of that this year at all.
If you had $7600 to bet on a game I'm sure you're doing just fine lol
This. I remember years ago going to Vegas with a senior VP for business and going out gambling with the guy a few times. One night he wanted to sit at a high minimum limit blackjack table (can't remember, a few hundred or something). I don't have that kind of money so he floated me a grand. He played with 5 Grand. I came out ahead, taking advantage of the fact that he sucked at blackjack an wouldn't listen to suggestions, to pocket a couple hundred after giving him his Grand back. He lost probably 8 Grand total that night and was completely unfazed. I'm sure he was making 500k+ per year, pushing probably million with bonuses. We ate a $80 steak dinner, which he paid for obviously, that seemed like a bargain after the gambling. It was insane...to me. To him it was just another night in Vegas. He threw around a thousand bucks like I might a $50.

But the general rule is, don't gamble it if you can't afford to lose it.