how can jazz not make the playoff?


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so i am underestimating the "mythical vet power" corbin is so crazy about.


warriors where young and made the playoffs.

sarcasm .... and didnt the young uns gain experince from watching the vets play /sarcasm
Warriors were not really a young team last year. They started D Lee, and he is older than Sap and Jefferson. Jarrett Jack is not young. Carl Landry is not young at all. Bogut is not young. They had two young guys, and a young-ish Steph Curry. GS took their lumps and got better, then tanked and got even better. The Jazz are a very young team, with a horrible bench.

Kanter and Favors WILL me much better than Jefferlog and Millsap were, but as of right now, they just show the potential to be better. Anyone who argues that Favors is better than either of those at this moment better be arguing about Defense, because Favors has a lot of improvement to do on offense. He will get there, and so will Kanter, but making the playoffs this season with young guys starting and no bench to speak of will be rather difficult. That said, if we make the playoffs with this team, then we likely have a bunch of all-stars on our hands, and a rookie of the year in Burke.


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In the 2004-2005 season, the Jazz went 26-56. It would be a surprise to do any better than that record given the current roster, coaches, and ownership. It would not be a surprise to do worse than that. This is going to be a really bad team. But it still could be better to watch than the disaster of the past few seasons. It depends on what they do with the offense. Will it be a return to running crisp sets with good spacing, hard picks, and many assisted baskets? Or will the offense of the past three seasons continue? It is difficult to know the answer to that question at this point.


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Over half of these are probably not true, yet. There is a difference between playing 20 minutes a night versus mostly backups and playing 35 minutes a night versus mostly starters. Kanter and Favors are going to feel the effects of this immediately. In addition, this is a really poor shooting team. I wish we could surround Kanter and Favors with better shooters. I guess Rush helps.
Bro, Hayward was the 4th best 3point shooter in the league after december 1st


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You cannot simply compare the individual players: it is a team that wins or loses, and every team is something different from a sum of its parts.

More specifically:

1. Scoring in the crunch time at the end of the games: whatever we think about Al and Millsap (when on fire) they could score when needed. Even Mo with his hero ball was passable at that. I am really not so sure that Favors, Kanter or Hayward could do so at this stage in their careers.

2. Experience. Al, Millsap and Mo played many times against all starters at their positions in the NBA. They know their bags of tricks, they know where they struggle against each of them and how to compensate for their weaknesses. Kanter, Burks, and Burke will still have to go through the painful discovery process.

3. Leadership. Who are the leaders on the new Jazz team? Hayward, Favors, Burke? The leader or two will eventually emerge, but the Jazz will struggle mightily until then.

4. The ever point-guard oriented Jazz will have to rely on the guy who is new to the team and even to the NBA.

And so on...
Dude, Mo's Hero Ball was not passable, it was ridiculous. The worst thing for Mo was when he hit that game winner to beat SA becasue it became like a positive reinforcement or something. He's not a winner and he's not really clutch... He lost us plenty of games due to his stupid Hero ball antics. under 24 seconds on the clock and what is MO going to do. He's going to dribble out the clock with the ball in his hands and hoist a 20 25 footer at the buzzer with a hand in his face. It was so retarded!!!!!!