How does it feel to be the best team in the NBA?!


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Folding? Like collapsing?

I mean, I really doubt it. But I guess anything is possible. At the worst, I want to go 5-4. I mean, listen, they’re road games. The Celts will be desperate and the Heat are fairly hot. The Sixers are flawed but really good at home typically. And **** happens. I think if we go 7-2 or better, we go to game 6 of the WCF at worst. Worse than that isn’t concerning unless we go 4-5 or worse. Then my eyebrows are raised and I’m starting to worry a little about seeding.

Also, I really really do not want to play the Dubs in the first round. I’m worried about the two LA teams and the Dubs. That’s it.

The Dubs really, really suck this year in comparison to where they have been though. I'd welcome that matchup.