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I Agree with Locke- Get Al Harrington


Foster? As in the 33-year-old, career 7.5 PP30, 10.5 RP30, 0.6 BPG, recently-injured, barely-positive +/- Jeff Foster? Lulz.

At least Gortat logs one or two blocks per 30 (although his +/- was team-worst last season; red flag to me).
Last season, Gortat outproduced Fesenko in rebounds at a significantly higher rate (and somewhat so with blocks), but if you think Fes is offensively limited, wait 'til you deal with 8 PP30 from MG :(.

At least Gortat brings in that all-important Polish demographic lol . . . .

Don't worry about >$8M per for Harrington; nobody will pay him that. But if he's not signed anywhere, I don't see how Utah can pay more than the MLE without a willing S&T. Not sure why NYK doesn't want him back, although his +/- isn't good, either.
He might be one of these guys who do better in the Jazz system.

I want Foster (tough SOB) over Gortat (slightly more polished ver of Fes) because of the salary commitment due to him (1yr/6.7M vs 4/28M)

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I'd rather go to Foster's Freeze for a milkshake.

Speaking of bigs, what is Mikki Moore up to nowadays? If he's recovered from his injury, he might be a possibility at a vet minimum deal.


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Harrington saying he would like to play alongside DWill is the same thing in my mind as saying he would come to Utah. Get on this. Now.


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Al Harrington's twitter page...look at his response to a fan asking him if he'd enjoy playing with Dwill.


a7harrington @Mosesstone1980 DWill is Cold as Ice. Would be my pleasure to RUN with Him!
about 13 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® in reply to Mosesstone1980

That's code for runaway from Utah together.

And what else is he suppose to say when looking for a contract. :)


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Pennypacker and I are big Jeff Foster fans. Get it done KOC. Dude can ball.

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I'd replace Harrington with AK. Ak starts with Harrington off the bench.

Agreed....and I really want to see AK as the feature player. Now that Boozer is gone we should let AK try and be more of a focus in our offense.
It's a contract year for AK, and I think he's going to show us what he can do when he is motivated.

Harrington would be a find back up.