I Need Some Help Choosing an MLB Team

Tom Pitt

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Alright, so I'm trying to decide which team I should choose to be My team. I live in Southern Utah, and choosing a team has been tough as hell.

Teams I'm considering: Rockies, D-Backs, Athletics, Royals, Blue Jays, Rays, Braves

Rockies: This was who I thought was going to be my team; I'm a Broncos and Jazz fan and seemed fitting to just choose the Rockies. However, I'm not sure I want to commit to a team that has a disaster front office and a bottom tier farm system. I mean, I see that that have some talented hitters (Albeit at altitude) on the roster, but beyond Story, Blackmon, Arenado, and Dahl, the roster seems pretty awful (And from everything I read, they have no pitching and you can't win without quality pitching. Ignoring the roster, the Organization seems pretty terrible. Is it as bad as I think? Would choosing the Rockies be like choosing the Knicks?

D-Backs: Literally the closest team to me. Like, I could be in Arizona in 25 mins of driving. though I'm about 6 hours from Phoenix, it's not the Phoenix Diamond Backs, its the Arizona DiamondBacks. Have not done enough research on this team. Something doesn't seem too exciting about picking them; Will someone please sell me on the DiamondBacks?!

Athletics: Money Ball. *chuckles* love that movie! Seems like a solid organization. Only problem is, they have no money! and seems like little support in the area. Why doesn't Baseball just get a damn salary cap and do revenue sharing like the NBA!!??

Blue Jays: Love the movie Big Daddy: "Joe Carter, World Series... and there was there girl... I'm an idiot." Some of my colleagues at work treated me like an idiot for considering the Blue Jays. Not in the US. But they seem to have some solid up and coming talent. Vlad Guerrero Jr, Bo Bichete among others. I hate the fact that they play on turf though... I know I know. this is getting ridiculous.

Rays: Quite a slew of young prospects. Maybe best in the league. That's all I know

Braves: When I started getting into sports in 6th grade, I watched them for a season. They were always on TBS... those were the days of Chipper and Andrew Jones. Hell it was actually the year they got swept by the Yankees in the World Series. for some reason I never watched them again after that.

Royals: I lived in KC for a few years. Actually, the only big city I've lived in with a professional baseball team. Do they have a reliable organization. All I know is, they got Brady Singer and he seems to be really well hyped in baseball circles. But they don't look like they'll be too good this year and would be easier to have my fandom seared in the flashy tablets of the heart if the team had some memorable moments. You know!?

Teams I can't choose: Dodgers, Yankees, Red Sox (Don't want to be a Badwagon guy),

Astros (cheating and thats my good friends team.)

Feel free and try and talk me into a team I haven’t mentioned yet.
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Wes Mantooth

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Do the Blue Jays because of all their young talent. Plus you get to root against NY and Boston about 25x a year. Don’t do Tampa. They have young talent sure but it’ll be traded away or leave in the coming years like always. Those other teams suck. And **** the Stros. Cheaters. Plus they’ll quickly decline imo in the next couple years.


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I love the MLB but I've purposely not picked a team. That way I can pick a different team(s) each season to latch onto and root for.
Just can't find a team to latch onto permanently. Wish Utah had a team.


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Don’t do it. Get back into your meditation practice instead. Remember those days? There’s only so much time to go around.

Lord Bullingdon

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Also dont go with the Rays, thats a cursed franchise akin to the Utah Jazz.

They're the Yankees whooping boys and the highlight of their season is almost always playing the spoiler role to the redsox.

Thee Idiotic Minivan K

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Braves. Freeman is always in consideration for mvp. They have two of the hottest young position players in Albies and Acuna. Swanson is coming into his own. We have two young pitchers who seem destined to be aces. They are deep with relief pitching. They have a top three farm system and have a very good front office. They are set up to be great for a long while.


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Here is the best answer: pick a sport that is fun to watch. Start with basketball, it is really fun to watch, and play!