Is Big Al Unradable?

Discussion in 'Utah Jazz' started by sojodave, Jan 10, 2013.

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    Jun 2, 2010
    mellow's right, there are some challenges but he's not untradable. i think the problem is that right now the asking price is a little too high. as the next 8 weeks pass, the hope is that the jazz will get more realistic about what two months' worth of al jefferson will get them, or one of the current bidders will up the ante. probably some combination of the two.

    the thing is, only certain kinds of teams are going to want big al - a team with no post scoring that doesn't mind that he's only a two-month rental (but in this case they're not going to give up long term assets) or a team that wants to create flexibility this summer so a 15M expiring is nice (but in this case they'll want us to take salary back). it only goes two ways - we can get crap for him, or we can get value but compromise some of our future flexibility at the same time. so the guessing game for KOC/DL is this: will that cap space be more of a commodity in the next 8 weeks, or later this summer?

    as to the question of whether or not the jazz can generate a trade exception by S&Ting him if he leaves - i double checked, but i'm pretty sure this loophole is still open to NBA teams. in other words, we could pull a boozer/bron if another team decides to sign him for, say, 12M.

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