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Game Thread Jan 23, 2023 07:00PM MT: Jazz vs Hornets

Added to Calendar: 01-23-23

Ochai starting to be automatic from the corner.

Sexton has taken up the mantle of tank commander tonight.

Rudy Gay post ups... seriously... Hardy clearly in on the tank as currently I swear Rudy has like one post up per minute played lately.
I think Ochai role should be expanded. He needs to be allowed to do more imo. I have seen pretty good drives from him, very nice finishes (that lefty layup against hayward last night was impressive. With the injured hand too), good passing and decent ball handling. I would like him parked in the corner a bit less on offense and allowed to initiate some offense from time to time.
He seemed to be all over last night. Getting rebounds, making good passes, hitting shots and playing good defense. Good game from him even though his 3 ball went downhill as the game went on.
It's impressive how un-hype that "kicks cam" announcer girl was
Those kicks that won were pretty damn sweet though. I usually disagree with the winner but they got it right last night.