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Jazz @ Mavericks 6:30 PM MT Game Thread

Some killer instinct from this team would be nice. Step on a team's throat once in a while for ****s sake.
The stint where we turned it over like 4-5 times was pretty rough... but we couldn’t completely put them away in part because the refs spotted them a bunch of free throws and allowed Barea to two hand shove guys all night.
Everything is context-dependent. Losing that first game against the Rox, when you add the context, was straight up ********.
Ok. I mean they definitely should have won that game but iirc this was the game everyone not named Bogdanovic went like 5/30 from 3, it was flukey af.
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Mitchell did have a lot of turnovers but his shooting was much more efficient tonight. 23 points on 8/12 from the field, none of the chucking or forcing shots we've seen recently.
jc is everything we hoped Alec Burks would be.
Yeah, you stole my words. Was thinking this during the game. A spark off the bench who can get you easy points. Our Lou Williams/Jamal Crawford

Alec had all the tools, never got there. Injuries, IQ, system, etc
Clarkson had 8ast to go with his team-leading scoring!

I'd say the Exum for Clarkson trade surpasses the Jeff Malone for Jeff Hornacek trade for the best trade in Utah Jazz history.

The Giricheck for Korver trade is sitting there like "hi, what about me?" and it was good too.

In each of this mid-season trades the Jazz replaced people who weren't cutting it from the 3pt line for people who did.

I vaguely remember what sloan said shortly before the Giricheck for Korver trade that what the Jazz needed wasn't a "shooting guard, but a making guard." And that's what they got. In the Exum trade the Jazz abandoned supposed potential for a guy who had realized his potential in real scoring production.

Someone earlier in this thread said the same (best trade in Jazz history) but Gobert/Mitchell for terrible players/cash wins.

But yes they are different kinds of trades and I get what you're saying.