Jazz @ Pelicans 1/16/20 6 PM MT Going For 11 Straight Wins Game Thread


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I mean, this was the tail end of our 2nd 3 game road trip with only 2 at home. Fatigue got us there defensively at the end.


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but in all fairness there wouldn't be a TO if that initial 0.2 second foul on rudy wasn't called. it was a game well played by both sides. can't feel too bad about losing this one. pels simply have played well enough to deserve this W


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At one point Boler said this felt like a game 7. More like a game 4, where we are up 3-0. They had to pull some ******** to avoid getting swept before we mop the floor with them in game 5.
Hardly. Didn't you see the game 2 weeks ago? It took everything we had to beat them then.


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Except the Jazz didn't get "a gift whistle" to get to OT.

I mean holy **** I understand that nobody wants the refs to blow their whistles at the end of a game, nobody wants the refs to "decide a game". But sometimes things are just common sense. Favors is bear hugging Rudy and Hayes is pulling Rudy backward... its a f****** foul. They didn't even have to touch Rudy. They are seven feet tall. Jump in front of him and disrupt the pass.

S*** why do people have to be dumb.

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49 points for Ingram and Quin doesn't even attempt something different. Not even once.
He did but too late. Made Rudy close on Ingram on the pick n roll. That resulted in 3 baskets for Favors under the rim (with Ingles rotating over). Ingram just dissected our defense all game.


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We got lucky to force overtime due to that bad call. In overtime, the refs flat out gave the game to NO due to the bad call.

I hate when one team scores from the free throw line and the other team gets zero calls.

Professional officiating flat out sucks.

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So who got Effed more? Them at the end of regulation, or the 6th foul on Rudy? I'm going with Rudy. Never touched him.

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Hayes had the left arm and faves had his jersey on the right. Gobert didn't even breath on BI.

Sad to see the streak end. Time to start another. Good calls that we should have switched defense on Ingram to get the ball out of his hands. Also I feel like we needed to mix in something other than Mitchell iso down the stretch. Regardless it was a good game and they will have a chip on their shoulder now.


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Royce got cooked by Ingram the entire night, at some point we should have tried someone else on him.