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Jazz sign Jarrell Brantley to 10 day contract

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I always thought Brantley could be good. He has a lot of game, but he was a bit undersized for how he played, but his game is probably a better fit around Lauri than it was Gobert/Mitchell.


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Brantley had a gawd awful summer league about two summers ago. Similar to Butler's this past year and Bolomboy a few summers ago. Perhaps those gremlins have been excised.


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Holy ****. I saw the thread and assumed it was bumped from years ago.
I love it. I was one of his biggest fans in his previous stint. Cant wait to see him again.
You may have to, though. Frank Jackson didn’t get any burn on his 10-day and we’re running 10-days to hit minimum roster requirements.

ETA: oh NM, looks like he got 5 minutes somewhere.