Jazz VS lakers Tomorrow on NBA TV


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Jazz VS lakers Tomorrow 10/17 on NBA TV 8:30

It isn't showing on the schedule on NBA.com at the moment, but whoever the Lakers were to face, it's on NBA TV at 8:30. https://www.nba.com/games/20101017/TBDLAL/gameinfo.html?ls=gt2hp0011000086

Several Jazz players Tweeting they are playing the Lakers tomorrow. Not sure why it isn't showing on the schedule on the Jazz site.

RyT5 Ryan Thompson

RT @BlinkJazzFan: I hope the Lakers win tonight just so @CJMiles34 @gordonhayward @RyT5 can go kick Kobe and the Lakers *** tomorrow!
gordonhayward Gordon Hayward

Another good win for the jazz....another one tomorrow...let's get it
CJMiles34 C.J. Miles

Good win for us tonight fellas ... Bout to rest up and get ready for tomorrow ... #whatupdoe?
and from our old buddy Siler:

rosssiler Ross Siler

For my old Lakers/Jazz beat writing colleagues, I hope tomorrow night's preseason game goes four overtimes.


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Because the LA game yesterday was part of a tournament. Jazz advanced to play winner of Denver and Lakers so the schedule wasn't known until late yesterday.


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Of course we will win they will only play their guys for a few min. Just checked my comcast at 830 and it says lakers on it. So looking good.

Stifle Tower

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Not possible. See opponent and location of game. Don't matter that it's preseason. 5-1 ain't bad doe.

Not to mention the fact DWill isn't going to play. But it will be entertaining to see the Raja/Kobe matchup. Kobe will probably be very intense; Raja may back off a bit until the games actually count. I expect Lamar to have a HUGE game against Millsap.


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I love how the Laker grovelers have come out to puke some pessimism in this PRESEASON game thread -- a game we're playing without DWill at that.

Jazz win by 7, not that it matters.

Marty McFly

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Even if we lose, at least we don't have to watch Boozer try to work against Gasol in the post and end up getting stuffed.