Jinglin' Joe


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We need a thread to fawn over him after he was once again dismissed by a section of our fan base as washed.

I could wax poetic over his passing, shooting, his pick and roll, trash-talking. I'll just get this rolling with this.

Joe Ingles was first eligible for the draft in 2007. He was last eligible in 2009, when he wasn't taken and automatically became a free agent in NBA terms. In other words, no team held his rights.
Now, here are the players the Jazz selected in those 3 drafts, with their overall spots.


25 - Morris Almond
55 - Herbert Hill


23 - Kosta Koufos
44 - Ante Tomić
53 - Tadija Dragičević


20 - Eric Maynor
50 - Goran Suton

This Hill guy was swapped for Fesenko on draft night, so we should really consider Fes a Jazz pick.

Not one of these players is in the NBA right now, nor were any of them in the league last season. I think Koufos might be the only one to have played an NBA game in the past decade of the bunch. 3 of the players were overseas players(Suton and Koufos played international basketball for Bosnia and Greece, but they went to college here).

Now, imagine the Jazz take Joe in 2007 and bring him here right away. Australian league pays peanuts compared to Europe, so the buyout wouldn't been small. What's his ceiling? Manu? Larry Bird? How good might he have been if he played against NBA talent from the age of 20? Eh, at least we drafted Tomić so we could talk about him every off season, right?


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He was the missing link only if he was born early for the Stockton and Malone days. It is my believe that Ingles is one of the keys to the Jazz going far in the playoffs. When he plays well or above his production the Jazz are hard to beat. When he stops being aggressive I can see why he was passed in the draft. Jazz need Jingling Joe.


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No dunks from our man this year, think he's keeping it in the swag for the dunk comp all star weekend.

Having watched the game tonight since returning from injury he's been playing with some real swagger, making buckets, jawing at the bench, love it.