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JJ Redick

I'm pretty sure he's a free-agent after this year. I would love for the Jazz to sign him. He's always moving without the ball, and when he does have the ball he either shoots or passes it right away, there is always ball movement, which is critical. He's also under-rated as a defender. He does very well, of course he's not going to be able to successfully guard Kobe but defense is a team game, and Redick is a great team defender.


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didn't the Jazz want to draft Reddick when he game out?
I really like his game. He seems to have a toughness to him that the Jazz need. He would do great doing the Harpring Curl.
I doubt though the Jazz can afford him.


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JJ has a little bit of game, but it is nothing to get too excited about. Since the fact he is "white" matters on this thread, let's compare him to another white guard--Kirk Hinrich. Hinrich is a good on the ball defender, can play both guard positions, and can initiate an offense (though Chicago really hasn't had one the past few seasons). JJ is not as good of a defender, is really only a two, and has seen limited minutes thus far in his career. I would love to see Hinrich play the guard positions for the Jazz, but that's not gonna happen for a million reasons (first of which, he is WAY overpaid). But back on JJ. I don't see JJ as very much of an improvement over Korver, which is odd because JJ will likely land more money than Korver in FA.

You have to remember that we are talking about finding a BACKUP shooting guard to Matthews. Korver, JJ, whoever is not our missing piece of the puzzle.
I'd love to add JJ Redick to our squad but I doubt we'd be able to do it financially. If we can keep Korver and Mathews for a reasonable cost than I'd be happy with that too.

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I'd rather have Korver than Reddick. Korver knows the system, has been playing here for 2+ years, he and deron are dodgeball buddies and besides, he's dreamy ;)