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JJ Redick


Id take Reddick over Korver aslong as the price isnt too bad, less injury prone and a lot younger.


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I'd love to add JJ Redick to our squad but I doubt we'd be able to do it financially. If we can keep Korver and Mathews for a reasonable cost than I'd be happy with that too.
I'd like to dump Korver. I would not mind adding Redick at the right Price though.


If you want to compare JJ to any one compare him to Horny. They are very comparable.

Horny can/will do those floaters in the lane, JJ can't. He's defenitly a better dribbling/passing version of Korver but Korver has proven to be an excellent shooter in this league...
I'd love to sign JJ but no more than 6M (ideally 4-5M), which he may get elsewhere.