Jordan Clarkson Extension


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Royce just got $9 per year (4 years $36 million)

Exum got $9.6 per year plus incentives

Lou Williams makes $8 per year

Marcus Smart got around $12.5 per year

Dinwiddie makes around $11 per year

His last contract, from the Lakers...., was $12.5 per year (4 years $50 million).

I think if we gave him a contract making about $12-12.5 per year, it would be fair for both him and us. He is 27 squarely in his prime. Something like...
4 years $48 million all guaranteed
3 years $40 million
4 years $50 million (4th year team option)

It would be interesting to know who we would be competing against for his services. Where else does he fit and play this much? It's a weak free agency year so he could cost more than usual.

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Something at the same range of his actual contract seems fair to me, and would'nt prevent us from look for a true sized shooting pf with our full mle (speaking in terms of not going to tax penalty before maxing out mitchell and gobert, as repeater tax is really much more maligned than luxury tax)