Game Thread Jun 14, 2021 08:00PM MT: Jazz at Clippers - Game 4

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I think the Clippers even the series tomorrow night and Mike returns for game 5.


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Bogey need to make his 3s, Mitchell was able to break the trap but we missed a lot of open shots. He was 1/5

Clarkson need to drive more, let PG do more work on defense. PG and kawhi guarding 6MOY says a lot about what he can do.

Kawhi and PG had 5 assist each while mitchell have 4 and jc 3. Joe need to be more involved.

Let clippers savor the win and be confident for tomorrow we slay them.

We got this!


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I wonder which zone will we see tonight. I think if we come out with the defensive intensity and force them to defend in rotation we will win this one. In zone they just block paths and never fully commit to help so we need better body movement from everyone.