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Game Thread Jun 14, 2021 08:00PM MT: Jazz at Clippers - Game 4

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This team just doesn't have championship DNA. A nice little cute beta regular season story. Pundits were dead on the entire year.


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If it wasn't for Mitchell's Herculian effort in the second-half of game one, the Jazz would be about to go down 3-1.

Everyone mocked Shaq - but he was right. The Clippers played a horrible game one and still had a chance to tie at the end. Utah has been out-classed pretty much every step of the way since midway through game two.
He went nuclear in game 1, too. Without his insane heroics, this would be an elimination game and that's just the truth.


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Conley would help, but if Clarkson isn't breaking down anybody to create anything and Don is having issues, I don't see how Conley is some savior.

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The exact thing I was worried about is happening. Clippers are shooting the lights out and the Jazz are being bullied out of their offense. DM is not close from 3pt land and he his getting beat up when he drives. This could be a long night if someone else doesn't step up.

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The Jazz were only able to win the first two games because Donovan went nuclear. He was going to regress, hurt or not. Without Conley, this **** is gonna be rough.
They are also letting them play physical with us on the perimeter... we lose when that happens because we generally don’t play that way and when we do they tag us for fouls. The last foul on Bojan is a great example... definitely contact and a foul... I’ve seen Kawhi do the same thing a few times already with no whistle.

If we can’t get to our spots we screwed.

The three seconds on Rudy was a great example too... they’ve played in a zone a ton without a call... Rudy literally cleared a second before they tagged him.

We aren’t playing well enough to win... if we were we still won’t... they triple team our ****.