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I'm amazed by the number of Utah white liberals in this thread praising/ecstatic of the injury of a Kawhi....Its sad

I would hope to beat them at their full strength, as i'm sure so would the Jazz players.
I’m amazed at the deep stack of assumptions you just flopped down.

Douchebag K

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Listen here pleasure fingers, unlike everything you touch, we aint going to **** this up.

about time your shrinking violet Adelaidian ****** came through in the playoffs ... taking out Kawhi might be his single greatest career defining move !!!


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I wanted Conley back even at 70%. After looking at Harden, I'm not so sure. I kind of think the Nets blew him out just to get that 1 for 10 game last night. He wont be right for a month now, at least. I mean they REALLY needed that game, but they played him 46 minutes. He may be functionally done now. I'm not sure what to think.
What if I told you that the Jazz don't have to play him 46 minutes? Or even 30. Or even 20.

That being said, if there was essentially another injury then that changes how bullish I am to try that plan right now.