Last good song you listened to?


Sometimes some crazy stuff gets recommended to me. This one pegged the crazy meter so I had to share.

Tico & The Man – Don’t Fear the Reaper


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That drummer is crazy good. Every beat felt perfect. Nice find.

I've got a drum-centric piece for you. After 26 years, Swedish band Kent decided to call it quits. Most bands will have their PR firm issue a statement or the band sends out a tweet. That is not what Kent did. They made this piece of performance art that I totally dig.

The various women being rounded up by death, the running dogs, plane, the locations, and tiger were from their album covers. The name of the track translates to "Then as now for all time". I wasn’t a fan while Kent were active, I can’t think of another band that ended their career with a statement piece quite like guys in Kent did.

Kent - Då Som Nu För Alltid
That is one very unique fairwell!


This now old track is one of my favorite pieces of sound engineering ever. It is a trick but it is so well done. The stage is a wall of sound that carefully stays out of the frequency range Annette Strean sings in. Even the backing vocals are octaves down.

The percussion pieces, buzzing guitars, and electronic loops are all in competition to the point that it is often difficult to pick any individual out but Annette, singing in the verse softly enough that she could be singing to herself in her living room, can be easily heard in delicate detail. She even whispers at the microphone in a couple spots. Seeming to overpower the entire loud, chaotic, almost violent machine with nothing more than absentminded effort sets the idea of overwhelming strength so that when Annette stops being playful in the verse to dial it up to 11 for the chorus it feels like she’s going to blow the back out of the theater.

Blue Man Group w/ Venus Hum – I Feel Love