Let's keep it clean and simple this time

Inn Dawn

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A Jazz section.

An Off-topic section (which combines General Discussion and General Nba and whatever the hell else there was).

Clean, crisp, and simple IS BEST.

Thanks to all those involved in making this site happen again.

Jason, I'm looking at you.


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I like my message boards like I like my women...clean and simple (minded).

Humm, I sort of like my women hot, dirty and desperate. Not sure if that works for a message board, but I'm game if Jason wants to go that route.

Basically, whatever Jason wants to do is fine by me. So in a sense I feel the same way about this board as I do about women, I'm not picky. If it's there and has a pulse I'm happy.


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I actually prefer the multiple sub forums. In my opinion it is simpler than have one giant general discussion forum. If I wan to read about random politics and what music is hot these days I go general, but if I want to hear about how Steve Nash might be a robot I go to General NBA. Simple.