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Macklemore sporting a Jazz/ Hayward jersey in Rolling Stone.

Some people.

Lets table this for another time. The bottom line is the Jazz are getting some love from "hot" artists right now. This is good for our organization.

Maybe we can get him to come perform on opening night. I know he had some heat with the Thunder because they were using one of his songs before games to get the crowd pumping. He took exception because they were from Seattle, but aren't now.

You're right, JAZZ isn't a big market but artists/musicians like Macklemore who is popular as **** right now wearing a jazz jersey is cool.


Rappers will often wear local jerseys just to build cred with the local fanbase. Maybe he really likes him since the Sonics left Seattle years ago, not sure.

Not in his case.

He wears Jazz jerseys and Blazer jerseys and wanted the Thunder to stop using "Can't Hold Us" during the playoffs.

Not a Macklemore fan or anything, but I wouldn't call him a mainstream artist. To my knowledge he came from a grassroots start up and has released his own music through his own record lable.


Just wanted to let you guys know that Macklemore has had connections with Utah well before he got famous. He used to perform at this venue called Kilby Court for like 10-15 people with my friend Burnell Washburn just a few years ago. He's shared some tour dates with other friends of mine, etc. He is a sincere Utah Jazz fan.


Big L, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, Big Pun, Kurupt, Common, Eminem pre-2000 or so, etc.

Macklemore sucks IMO

That's a nice list of artists you listen to. Check out this song I produced that features Kool G Rap (from 2006'ish): https://konsickwence.bandcamp.com/track/take-a-look-feat-kool-g-rap-prod-by-konsickwence
Listening to Macklemore is just like listening to a motivational speaker. I mean, it's alright sometimes, but I prefer ignorant rap.
Listening to Macklemore is just like listening to a motivational speaker. I mean, it's alright sometimes, but I prefer ignorant rap.

Would this be classed as ignorant rap?

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Pretty sure he's trying to make some sort of statement about white man can jump / rap... or something along those lines...
Too political

I can see how some people would be turned off by that.

This here is one of those political songs, and is the most meaningful song I've ever heard. It helped me really understand where I stand in life, and why the road was so hard for me early on.


In a way, he's like the rapping, more mellow brother of Rage against the machine.


damn I had to look hard to see the jazz jersey my eyes kept going back to the hot blonde
bruh i listen Nas,2pac,Eazy-E,Biggie Smalls, Outlawz etc, i don't listen i gonna pop some tagsssssss thrift shop

You realize that pac, biggie, nas, and easy e all have songs that get played on the radio right?

Oh and pac is probably the most popular rapper of all time. (He is my favorite fo sho)
Tupac is a poser.

Listen to his interviews in HS. He has a lisp. Then he starts rapping and sounds all tough? What?