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Macklemore sporting a Jazz/ Hayward jersey in Rolling Stone.

BTW, this is obviously Macklemore making a statement about Hayward. Macklemore is probably the top selling white rapper right now, and Hayward is the top white NBA player. He is comparing himself to Hayward. Hayward is about to be a star yall.

Is he even top 5?

JJ ****ing Reddick.

Holy **** dude.

This post brought to you by UGLI baby

12-13 ORL 50 11 31.5 0.450 0.390 0.891 0.2 2.2 2.4 4.4 0.6 0.1 2.1 1.4 15.1

Those are better numbers than Hayward has ever had....but of course Hayward will be better.
If you count Noah I think you have to count Blake

Just came to my mind. His father was half African descent. His mother was Swedish I think. So he's a quarter African, quarter French and half Swedish. I would count that as white.