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Game Thread Mar 05, 2023 05:00PM MT: Jazz at Thunder

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You do realize the front office pissed away any chance of this happening?

If the team had played like this the whole season, he never would've made the All Star game.
The only reason why DA maintain a decent team was because of the ASG beeing in Utah and to keep to fan interesting. ASG passed, he made new trades to make sure we end in the lottery. We will see if this is a good strategy or not.
Not watching the game but seems the tank is going well. This better to be working then... or Lauri needs to be traded on becoming summer. Not worth of wasting his contract and prime under tanking routine.
It's kind of crazy that you can finally show Johnny Juzang a glimmer of PT and he comes out and plays just as well as anything we have ever gotten out of Simone. Not to mention Kris Dunn.
What does that have to do with Ainge making a mockery of his career season?

He played his way into the AS game. DA didn't get him there.

Just saying all this **** can end up biting the Jazz in the *** in surprising ways.

If we don't hit the jackpot in the draft, Ainge better make some moves in the offseason to seriously improve this team. A full tanking season would almost guarantee Lauri declining an extension and hence ending up on the block, where Ainge would't get anywhere close to equal value back.
Dear lord… you understand nothing. We are in the driver seat with a Lauri extension but you’re probably too dense to even know how.
Lakers, Portland, OKC, and Indiana all getting wins tonight. Washington putting up a fight against the Bucks. . .
OKC already got their mini star trio going on. SGA/Giddey/J Dub reminds me little bit of KD/Westbrook/Harden. They gonna be good for a very long time.
OKC already got their mini star trio going on. SGA/Giddey/J Dub reminds me little bit of KD/Westbrook/Harden. They gonna be good for a very long time.
They are going to be special if Chet comes even somewhat close to reaching his potential.
I disagree. MJ era was all about winning, now it's much more about making as much money as possible.

MJ era players wanted to win every night. The regular season was a grind and it mattered to both the teams and players to win every night. Nowadays teams and players are optimizing for championships, and unfortunately that means they coast during the season.
Is it though? maybe on message boards and twitter, but that isn't real life.

It is with the teams and players. They are the one's making the decisions to coast and prioritize the playoffs. In real life....no I do not think fans like it except on message boards and twitter. They want to see players play hard every night and it does suck when they rest. It's a problem the league is facing IMO.
Jazz had three double doubles tonight and outscored them by 9 in the second half. Ochai and Juzang had some life so Victory!!!! Everyone gets a juice box.
Dunn scored 17 tonight and in six games with us he hasn't scored less than 11 points and hasn't shot less than 50% from the field in any game.

And he is just finding his footing again. Need to sign him now for 2 seasons at least. If this staff somehow helps him fimprove his 3pt shot too that will be one of the best value deals in the NBA. Would still be great bc he will not demand high amount of cash as of now.