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Game Thread Mar 06, 2024 07:00PM MT: Jazz vs. Bulls

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Critical tank game as its one of the last few remaining 50/50 games.
Yea. Boy I got so excited when we got down 14 and the wiz looked like they were firing on all cylinders then they turned back into the wiz we all know.
Of all the players Yurt7 and Luka were inserted in the game at that time and they righted the ship to allow for Clarkson's and Sexton's heroics.
If Lauri was playing (I assume he's not) then I would assume we would win this one at home against a bad team. With Lauri out, then I think we have a decent chance of losing.
Could be a massive day for picks

Losing to the Bulls would keep them above and push us down

Cleveland will be without Mitchell/Mobley/Strus against Atlanta, so there's hope at least

They'll need a lot of help, but at least Houston is at home against a stumbling Clippers team

Jazz could have sole possession of 9th in the ****** ping pong ball game after tonight
Have that next man up mentality, have some dog, let Sexton and JC cook. Get the easy win and wait for the injured soldiers come back. Playoffs, baby! Jazz won't lose another game this season!