Game Thread Mar 22, 2021 07:00PM MT: Jazz at Bulls

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Wow.. just Wow.. Rudy.. 9 blocks. Nice defensive effort. DM and Ingles were great too. Joe is shooting the lights out. This is the Jazz I remember before the break. Jazz are going to need Bogie and Clarkson to shoot better against the Nets but nice way to savage the road trip. I would love to see another 10 game winning streak to sow up the #1 seed throughout the playoffs.


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Nets in two days without KD/Kyrie, and possibly Harden. A great chance to get a win streak going again.


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I'm old enough to remember when a young Zach Levine would constantly try to get Rudy at the rim and lose that battle a lot. He needs to have a talk with his teammates.


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It's obvious that Mitchell doesn't want to put in the work on defense. First 2 defensive possessions. Allows a rebound and does a lazy switch and gambles for the steal opening the lane. A few possessions later, he falls to the ground trying to draw a charge and allows a open midrange shot.

He is just trying to take a shortcut.

I didn’t realize you’ve watched him practice so you know that he doesn’t put work in on defense. That’s really cool.

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