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Game Thread Mar 31, 2023 05:30PM MT: Jazz at Celtics

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This is the perfect tank game by Hardy. It's being kept just close enough to keep Adam Silver from pouncing but far enough away to count as an L and more ping pong balls. Nicely done Coach Hardy. Kudos.
Nice effort. Gonna lose this on 3rd I think so need at least one of OKC or LAL to lose so the spot in the sun does not get too far out of reach.
It feels like Kessler and Agbaji have hit their rookie wall. They just don't seem to have the legs right now, like it is taking a lot of effort to get going.
Been watching the Lakers/Wolves game, and I have to admit that I appreciate Quin and Hardy’s collective offensive philosophies.

It is brutally painful to watch some other nba teams play offense. Jazz might not have had the juice to go anywhere in the post season. . . but at least their offense hasn’t been terrible to watch over the past several seasons.