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Game Thread Mar 31, 2023 05:30PM MT: Jazz at Celtics

Added to Calendar: 03-31-23

Huge game for Luka S. The dude didn't shoot the ball well but did some other things well. What amazes me is how some people say he's a **** defender and some say he's a decent defender. Which is it?
Dude looked slow as hell on the perimeter. Just reacted half a second late and it resulted in a lot of fouls

If Celtics rest their stars and we win... The play-in will be back in the picture with two games against LAL and one against OKC - this of course a lot about if we do or do not let Lauri an others play. Nuggets will also rest their stars when we meet them. Nets game we lose for sure and we are not gonna win both LAL games - even one is going too be tough.
Not sure how we're within 6, feels like we should be down at least 15 right now. A lot of dumb shots and turnovers early on.