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March Madness


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You’re not good at this.

This tournament is to lure in suckers and casuals into betting... so its no wonder why its the only time ppl on this basketball forum speak about college ball.. That bracket was in fact preposterously weak how do you think a 15 seed pushed thru to the elite 8 starting a 6'7 C?

didnt I say a month ago that Duke was the strongest team on a neutral court when i was explaining how the coaches poll is a sham and misleading? Here's the chain of posts im referencing from February 28th...

I think the biggest inherent flaw in the coaches poll is, they vote almost purely based on results, not on who the best teams actually are on a neutral court.. I'm reminded of Marlo Stannfields great quote from "The Wire":

"You want it to be one way.... But it's the otherway"

and any fool can quickly piece together why coaches would want things to be based on results, so they can try to squeeze results out of their players, have them look up at the teams getting better results, and then said coaches can re negotiate bigger contracts based on results...

the real end result to this though is instant gratification seeking is passed on by the "teachers" to the students and the process of how results are made is swept under the rug or locked in the closet like a dirty little secret and thats why there's no progress with how the sport is covered, ppl cant be bothered with how and why things do and dont work, they just want to see results... n this is widespread, but at least in basketball once we tip off, for 40 minutes or so, this nonsense subsides and things are decided by the factors that really matter.

And so what are they to do now when 7 schools in the top10 lose on the same day, how do they discern that type of micromovement.. It's BS.. It's like an abbacus is being used here in the age of technology.. n these are the moves made by often the highest paid positions in your centers of higher learning, many of which are state run..

n people wont want it to be the way I said it should be... But for example when Duke has a Center like Mark Williams, and a wing player like AJ Griffin, they are simply much stronger on a neutral court than some of these teams who were ranked above them, that achieved their results vs ing teams who didnt have C's and Wings like that...

so what im saying is the coaches poll, bracketology, its all setup to not seed the tournament correctly, for the sake of "upsets" and news headlines to talk about... Tell me why im wrong!
and as u probably can guess no one told me why im wrong, and they still wont now, because thats in fact how it is..
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