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Game Thread May 08, 2021 08:00PM MT: Jazz vs. Rockets

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I put niang in the top 7 jazz players.

That's how I would rank them.

I think the tiers are
Tier 1: gobert and Don
Tier 2: Conley
Tier 3: bogey, Ingles, clarkson
Tier 4: niang, Royce, and favors

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Damn that's a deep, well rounded team.
Our 4 first subs are all very solid

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Played for Creighton. He was one of the 3 and D prospects I remember jazz fans pining for in the 2018 draft.
What a solid player! Apparently he’s been with houston for a few days? I’m watching the houston feed. I don’t think he’s even had a real practice with the team.

The Thriller

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Anyone else noticing that Snyder keeps the starters out there abnormally long? Like he doesn’t trust the scrubs to hold onto a double digit lead inside of 3 mins? It’s weird to me. Let them dribble out the clock and get a shot clock violation every time then. But why are we STILL playing the big guys who played huge mins last night?

EDIT everyone else is thinking the same thing. Sorry, just didn’t see the posts when I posted this