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Can’t we just skip to the part where he gets his fifth point already? I’m bored with this melodrama.

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Hey lil bia...this thread wasnt intended for you or the other pole smokers that dropped by and your post offends me as its not Jazz related, you have nothing to do with this. So kindly go **** off.


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I'm logging in for one reason only, to point out that the statement you've made about me is an absolute lie.

I did not say that I wished anyone's family would die. That is not even close to what I said.

Despite whatever level of intoxication anyone thinks I'm at when posting certain things I am fairly precise, intentionally so, in the words I use.

I never said that I wished anyone's family would die.

It's disappointing to me that no one else has pointed that out after you've made that false statement multiple times.

Anyway, that's the only reason I'm currently posting.

I've made the decision to no longer participate on, so you should be well pleased. In the thread "Gameface" I made a post shortly after my ban was lifted. I asked some questions (to myself) and I feel that I have the answers I needed.

Unlike you, HaxOrs, while I'm not as good a person as I'd like to be, I would actually like to be a good person. I have participated on this forum with the hope that I am making it a better place. I also do feel that there are, despite the overall impact I may have, certain behaviors that I've engaged in that are unacceptable.

I'm am more frequently frustrated and angered by my participation here than I am entertained and satisfied.

As already mentioned, it is extraordinarily frustrating to me that I am the one telling HaxOrs that his statement is false. I'll leave it up to the rest of you if you care or understand why his statement is false, but just as when I expressed my frustration with casually being referred to as the site drunk and then told by a fellow long-time member to "get some sleep" as clearly I should just accept it for what it is and play my role as a punchline for the community, I realize that I have destroyed my reputation in this community.

So, I'm leaving. I don't need Jason or the mod team to take any action. I'm perfectly capable of logging out and going away on my own.

And that's what I've decided to do.

Have as nice life jazzfanz