Move to the lottery?


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I do it no doubt for Malik Monk... mark my words. Bump this thread in 4 years

If were going to compete with GSW we need him.

Ron Mexico

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Not sure I'm believing they're that interested in such a move. Likely just checking out all potential outcomes...

I hope its not true. If it is that probably means they think Hayward is leaving so they need to get young assets. It might be cheaper than usual to jump up this year, so if thats what we want great. Although I guess it depends on what we trade. If it is combining picks or giving up a player we dont want then I guess its okay and might not signal Hayward leaving.


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I think DL is weighing every option as he should.

I hope he has a big trade in the works. But he should have multiple contingency plans. This could be one of them.