Name the 5 people you want at the "Pitch" on Monday.


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Aside from Dennis and Quin. Here is my list:

Rudy Gobert
Joe Ingles
John Stockton
Jerry Sloan
Gail Miller

Jack Strop

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Why does anyone want Gail in the meeting?
Cuz Robyn is a big part of the decision. While the men talk business, Robyn and Gail can bake them cookies and then discuss needlepoint patterns.

1. Joe Ingles
2, Rudy Gobert
3. SLC Mayor (what street are they naming Hayward Avenue?)
4. Thomas S. Monson (granting Hayward unlimited wives)
5. Gail Miller. Seriously, it's important to address any of Robyn's needs or concerns.


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Dude, we aren't some desperate team trying to sell Hayward on how good the situation is. He's been here long enough to know what he's getting here. I think the billboards took care of the begging. If he's unhappy with the way things have gone, then he probably is already gone. I don't think that's the case.

I do believe he was considering leaving, depending on what other teams do/did in free agency. Lucky for us, Danny Ainge is busy shooting an episode of hoarders, where they find him locked up in a trailer, buried under a stack of newspapers and draft picks.

All we need is DL, and even then, I doubt any amount of word artistry is going to convince him our situation is better than he can already see for himself.


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hope hayward knows how heat treated wade when he got old.

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This. ^^^

Or how the Celtics are going to treat IT next year.

Jazz are building something special. Might not ever knock of the Warriors or Lebron. . . but this is going to be a fun team to play for over the next 5 years.