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NCAA Tourney 2023

Well, Day 1 went about as well as it could have for my bracket. I got 12 right, and had both Arizona and Virginia losing. My only sweet 16 team who lost was Utah State, which I knew would lose, but still couldn't pick them to lose. All of my final 4 teams looked really good, winning by 20+ points.

Don't worry, I know how this goes. A good day 1 will be followed up by my bracket going to pieces on day 2. I also can't get too cocky as my ESPN bracket challenge rank is still in the millions.
I got 10 on the first day, not too bad, and AZ was the only one who lost who I picked to get to the Sweet Sixteen.

And then I actually had PITT winning, for some reason, so today's been pretty good.
Literally everyone in my 50+ person office pool had Perdue going to the Final Four, and a couple of people had them winning the championship, so...

Brutal. In one bracket I had them going out early due to their terrible guards. So on one hand, I did great in that bracket. But then I had Arizona going to the final 4. Whoops, what a moron!
Purdue was the 1 seed I had no faith in. I had them going out in the sweet 16 but wish I had the guts to have them out earlier. My pick is Houston to win it all.
I thought Penny might’ve matured since his Orlando Magic days. Apparently not.

Memphis was a team I was glad to see lose. They played so dumb, guys were yelling at each other, and their head coach is a completely undisciplined child. Good riddance
As expected day 2 was not great for my bracket. I got 10 right, but since most of the favorites won, I'm now only in the 50th percentile of all the ESPN brackets.

Somehow I still have all of my elite 8 teams in play and almost all of my sweet 16 teams in play.
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