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DL waiting until July 4 to publish a ****ing Players’ Tribune article on the Favors decision.

It’s similar to Michael Scott’s “you’re hired — and you can work here forever.”


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So the market is looking like Rozier and Russell will be easily available and Tobias might be available for less than max.

So hypothetically, we could have gotten Rozier $12ish and Harris $30 if we only sacrificed Grayson, Korver, Neto and maybe or maybe not Crowder. We probably would have kept our 1sts.

Probably still rather have Conley though.

Yeah, I would definitely rather have Conley.


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Lakers should blow on defense. Russell stinks. Lebron is really only average now. Davis is overrated imo. Kuzma stinks too.

All of this is true, but there are probably going to be 6 - 8 teams that show interest in Russell, and the Lakers might not get him...

Minnesota, Dallas, Indiana and maybe Orlando are in play, as well as the Lakers.


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I think I would pretty happily give up Favors + Exum or even Favors + Ingles in a s&t for Harris. Would leave us with a little bit of room to sign another wing and I think a lot of Ingles value will be squeezed out as he ages plus we have another ball handler in Conley.

Fully expect I'm in the minority here and doubt the FO will pull the trigger, but I think it would probably be a good move over the next couple of years assuming we're able to sign another replacement level wing.