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NHL Draft and Lottery


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Lottery is tonight @4:30 Mountain! Truth be told I'm naive about NHL Draft and it's process but it's time to learn. We have a 7.3 chance of #1. As far as draft prospects, I'm also clueless.

Tonight's the night: Which team will be awarded the top pick in the 2024 NHL Draft and the right to select Macklin Celebrini at No. 1? Will the Chicago Blackhawks win a second consecutive lottery after taking Connor Bedard last year? Will it be the team with the best odds, the San Jose Sharks? Will Utah get a jolt heading into its first year in Salt Lake City? No matter the outcome, there's no shortage of intrigue.

There will be two lotteries: One for the No. 1 pick and another for the No. 2 pick. A team can move up only 10 spots in the draft. For example, if the Minnesota Wild, the team with the 13th-best odds, wins the first lottery, they would be awarded the No. 3 pick.

2024 NHL Draft Lottery odds for No. 1 pick

San Jose Sharks — 25.5 percent
Chicago Blackhawks — 13.5 percent
Anaheim Ducks — 11.5 percent
Columbus Blue Jackets — 9.5 percent
Montreal Canadiens — 8.5 percent
Utah (formerly Arizona Coyotes) — 7.5 percent
Ottawa Senators — 6.5 percent
Seattle Kraken — 6 percent
Calgary Flames — 5 percent
New Jersey Devils — 3.5 percent
Buffalo Sabres — 3 percent
Odds for No. 2 pick

Sharks — 18.8 percent
Blackhawks — 14.1 percent
Ducks — 11.2 percent
Blue Jackets — 9.5 percent
Canadiens — 8.6 percent
Utah — 7.7 percent
Senators — 6.7 percent
Kraken — 6.2 percent
Flames — 5.2 percent
Devils — 3.7 percent
Sabres — 3.2 percent
Flyers — 5.1 percent

Thanks for the thread

Wish this sub forum was a bit more lively.
Yeah, I think most are like me and just don't know much about the ins and ours yet. I used to love hockey in the 90's but had to quit as there were no high school hockey teams and that left basketball. I'm stoked to get back though. I already pointed out here that I went to the preseason game at the Delta Center and it was a blast.